Thursday, June 3, 2010

Big Head or Oxalate Poisoning in Horses

I am interested in the subject of Big Head on the Sunshine Coast. I have found a mix of 2 parts DCP to 1 part Calcium Carbonate suits the area I am located in for the prevention of big head for horses grazing pastures containing sub tropical species of grasses that cause oxalate poisoning.
If anyone has any other information on treatment, correct balance of Ca to Phosphorus ratio, feeds affecting the balance, like bran, pollard, rice bran which are high in Phosphorus, lucerne which is high in calcium, and how to calculate rations when feeding with these products I would be grateful.

I plan to compile all the information I source on my health page

Thanks for your contributions......Niki

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  1. I have since been using a product that is ready mixed, it's analysis states that it is 68% DCP and 32% Calcium Carbonate. The product is called DCP+CC and is sold at many produce stores around this area. It can be sourced from the producers at Cooloola Custom Stock Feeds whom I believe are based in Gympie. Ph 07 5483 8766